Haroon Mansoori

The author is a transformations strategist, technologist, and researcher with over 30 years of experience. He has worked with Fortune 10-500 companies and startups to overcome strategic, tactical, and operational challenges. He is a certified NLP and Life Skills coach, he has led teams, managed projects, and developed training programs that have made a significant impact on businesses. The author is also a transformational strategist, leader, motivational speaker, coach, mentor, and a book author. With a passion for helping people achieve their goals he has authored a few books on entrepreneurship, and continues to share his knowledge and experience through various means.

An image depicting the concept of "Fuffa Guru" in Italy, a term that conveys the idea of "hot air guru" or "purveyor of unimportant or insubstantial speech or work," often associated with deceptive marketing and empty promises.

Unveiling Fuffa Gurus: How They Deceive and Sell

Industry Insights, Published January 15, 2024
Unmasking the Deceptive Tactics of Fuffa Gurus
An older person, with a gentle expression, kneading dough in a cozy kitchen setting, their hands lightly covered in flour, representing the dedication and kindness in preparing a simple, yet meaningful meal.

The Pizza Man's Lesson in Kindness

Inspirations, Published December 28, 2023
A Cautionary Tale for the Fresh Blood of New Generations
Navigating the Path to SaaS Success with Prudence and Precision

Innovate to Market: The Roadmap for Successful SaaS Launches

Techniques, Published December 12, 2023
The Essential Guide to Building and Launching SaaS Digital Products
Why the Best Leaders Are Often the Last to Speak

Why the Best Leaders Are Often the Last to Speak

Main Stories, Published September 16, 2023
Speak First or Later? How Timing Impacts Your Influence as a Leader.
To Succeed as an Entrepreneur, You Must Confront Uncomfortable Truths

Willful Ignorance is Dangerous - The Perils Entrepreneurs Face

Main Stories, Published August 19, 2023
How Turning a Blind Eye to Market Realities Spells Disaster for Entrepreneurs
A small monkey faces off against a towering King Kong representing how startups are often dwarfed when competing with dominant large companies in tech.

How Can Startups Still Compete and Thrive Alongside Tech Giants

Inspirations, Published August 5, 2023
Assess Your Position Realistically Before Devising a Competitive Strategy
Nari Shakti Puraskar (2018) presented by the President of India Sh.Ramnath Kovind

Empowering Rural Women Entrepreneurs - The Awe-Inspiring Journey of Ruma Devi

Inspirations, Published July 30, 2023
How an Uneducated Rajasthani Village Woman Became a Trailblazing Fashion Designer and Changemaker
How to Assess Risks Before Buying a Lifetime SaaS Deal from a Startup

Should You Buy a Lifetime SaaS Deal from a Startup?

Techniques, Published July 29, 2023
A 10-Step Guide to Assessing the Risks and Rewards
Laser precision, swift execution and resilience are among the osprey virtues modern entrepreneurs should emulate.

Inspire Your Startup With Osprey Virtues

Inspirations, Published July 23, 2023
Survival Instincts: An Osprey’s Wisdom for Modern Entrepreneurs
Great Leaders Actively Cultivate "Marketplaces of Ideas, Opinions, Criticisms"

Why "Yes Men" Actually Make Poor Advisers

Inspirations, Published July 22, 2023
Why Confident Leaders Seek Out Challengers, Not Compliance
Elon Musk: An Inspirational Case Study in Optimism, Pessimism, and Charismatic Leadership

The Unconventional Leadership Lessons of Elon Musk

Inspirations, Published July 19, 2023
What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Elon Musk's Unconventional Path to Success
Harness the potential of T & V Shaped Growth frameworks to maximize your entrepreneurial journey. Build a thriving business through adaptability and focus.

Startup Success: Embrace T-Shaped and V-Shaped Growth Frameworks

Techniques, Published July 8, 2023
How can entrepreneurs succeed in a changing business environment?