Willful Ignorance is Dangerous - The Perils Entrepreneurs Face

How Turning a Blind Eye to Market Realities Spells Disaster for Entrepreneurs

To Succeed as an Entrepreneur, You Must Confront Uncomfortable Truths

Why Entrepreneurs Must See Clearly and Confront Inconvenient Facts to Succeed

The Perils of Willful Blindness: How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Detrimental Ignorance

No one is blinder than those who do not want to see.

This ancient proverb warns of the dangers of willful ignorance - intentionally turning a blind eye to inconvenient truths and unpalatable realities. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, willful blindness can be catastrophic. When launching a venture, deliberate ignorance of potential problems or market realities often leads to failure. This article will explore how entrepreneurs can recognize and avoid detrimental blindness.